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Singapore Night Safari

Singapore night safari, one of the best things to do in Singapore

If you have a night to spend in Singapore and love to do something different than your regular club visit, night safari is where you should go.

What is Night safari?

The Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore.

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Getting there:

Pro tip: Try to use public transportation in Singapore, the cheapest ways to travel.

We found buses/trains to be more affordable than a taxi which might cost around 30-40 SGD to reach the night safari.

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So, what about the tickets?

You can buy the tickets both online and offline. You can save money when you buy them online.

Just the night safari tickets will cost you 49 SGD, but you can buy combined tickets for Singapore zoo, river safari and bird park, all three are day time activities which you can visit the next day.

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The safari opens by 7:15 pm and is open until 12 00 am.

Be there by 6 45 pm to watch the Thumbuakar Performance in the entrance courtyard. You will be entertained by the fire-playing feasts and the energetic stunts.

The Safari -

When I read the reviews on night safari, I was skeptical on what to expect when we would visit it. People wrote about animals being drugged to allow them to stay mild! Sounded skeptical. But, we could see almost all the animals with such close proximity in the wild, not caged, mind you! that, it exceeded well beyond our expectations.

The ticket is inclusive of tram ride with English audio guide, which takes you almost next to the animals living their life in open pastures. Please try to stay in the tram and not talk much, as you are definitely invading into their territory!!

Tip: Do not worry about taking pictures on the tram ride, as you will be moving and will not have time to listen. You will get time to take pictures walking the trails.

The trams are scheduled for every five minutes so the queue is fast moving.

After the tram ride you can either follow trials to walk on your own in the rain forests, and watch the animals walking around, sleeping, hunting etc. or watch the Creatures of the night show.

You can see a fishing cat, in the fishing cat trial, or leopard in leopard trial, wallabys hopping around in wallaby trial, or let fruit bats fly over your head in east lodge trial.


Cloudtail leapord

"The creatures of the night" show is a performance by trained nocturnal animals, and you can see the animals even closer as their trainers walk by among the rows of open air theater with the animals on their shoulders.

If you volunteer, you can touch a python!

touch a python

The whole experience is new if you are someone who is not keen on walking in jungles at night.

We were scared at every sound and were wary of turning the next corner, though we knew no animals would come out of their pastures 😀

The park closes by 12am, so if you reach there by 7 30pm, you will have plenty of time to go on tram ride, and walk all four trials at leisure.

If you did visit, or would like to visit, let me know your experience or expectations in comments 😊

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