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Pari island- Jakarta,Indonesia

Pari island- Jakarta,Indonesia

 Is a part of Thousand Island's or Palau Seribu, a short get-away from Jakarta

The Thousand Islands (officially Kepulauan Seribu) are a chain of islands to the north of Jakarta's coast. It consists of a string of 342 islands stretching 45 km (28 mi) north into the Java Sea.

36 islands may be used for recreation. Of these, only 13 islands are fully developed: 11 islands are homes to resorts and two islands are historic parks. 23 are privately owned and are not open to the public. The rest of the islands are either uninhabited or support a fishing village.

Data take from WIKIPEDIA

Pari Island

Just an hour away from Jakarta, via speed boat, Pari island is unspoiled heaven. With clean white sand beaches, local charming houses, Coral reef, is a snorkeling heaven.



  • Rp 360.000 (approx. 27$ USD), for a travel in traditional wooden boat
  • Rp 740.000 (approx. 55$ USD), for a travel in speed boat


  • Travel duration from Jakarta:
    • around 2 hours in wooden boat
    • Around 45min-1 hour in speedboat

Trip Length: 2D1N

Booked Using: Expedition Nusantara


  • Snorkeling in beautiful crystal clear water
  • Sunrise and sunset at white sand beaches.
  • Bonfire at the beach
  • Cycling around the island
  • Starfish beach
  • Local experience by staying at local homes.
  • Local food.


Itinerary if you wish to do this on your own:

  •  There are boats from Kali adem harbor, and ancol every day to almost all islands of thousand Island. They start by 7am, be there by 6 45, to get a comfortable seat.
  • If you wish to return the same day, you don't need a home stay. But, if you wish to spend the night, book a home-stay in advance.
  • Snorkeling agencies are on every road of the island, you can pick anyone, and go snorkeling in crystal clear waters.
  • Watch sunset in Virgin Sand Beach or bintang beach
  • All beaches have BBQ dinner going on, and you can buy some freshly BBQ'd meat.
  • Best way to travel around the island is using a cycle.
  • If you stay the night, you can watch the sunrise at Bukit Matahari.
  • And go exploring on Bintang beach, where u will find star fish on every inch of the sand and water! Bintang means Star
  • Buy local food, there are many hawkers, who sell fresh food.
  • Return to harbor via the same boats.


Day 1:

The guide advised us to use a Speed boat, as all Expats used the same, but we wanted to travel like locals! Don't know what is the difference anyway ? Look at pictured below and you will know 😉

wooden traditional boat
Traditional wooden boat
Speed Boat
Speed boat

So, what difference did the boat make ? A hell lot.This is what we did en route.


casually sitting on boats edge
Just casually sitting on the boat's edge 😉

We checked in to home stay, had local food served to us.

Tip: Want to enjoy the trip like a local? try for a group trip instead of a private trip.

We then went Snorkeling!



We then went sunset Hunting, on Virgin Sand Beach.

The beach is unpolluted with white sand, and blue waters, people even camp out next to the beach for the night!

Famous swings over water

We even grilled some just Caught Fish.

Grilled Fish anyone ?

Day 2

We woke up Early, to catch the sunrise over the beach. Cycling between rice fields, to the beach in the dark was a beautiful experience altogether.

And the early bird, did catch the worm 😉 Look at how beautiful the sunrise is!

We then went to explore the Bintang beach (Star Fish beach)

Star fish everywhere! Place your foot carefully.


If you want to experience, living in local house, with beach just a stone throw away. At-least for a day or two, Pari island is one such location.

We loved the experience of riding cycles on sand, stones and paved roads.

The bliss of floating in water with colorful fishes and coral underneath.

The joy of swinging on the swings tied to trees in the beach, and touching star fishes.

The short getaway from Jakarta gave us a perfect excuse to get tanned.

So, have you been to Pari island- Jakarta Indonesia?

If so what was your experience like?

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