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Can you handle attention?

Do you like attention?

I, do.

Can you handle attention?

Well, who doesn't like attention? Don’t we all feel happy and important when someone starts to give us attention? But can you handle all the attention you get?

Recently, while traveling I made a new friend. As we got to know each other, the next question I got was, “So, tell me about yourself...", well that is an easy question, we usually have a handy answer to this always!

So, I started telling about myself, my work, hobbies, etc., same old general talk. After I rambled for some time, the next question I got was "Okay! tell me more".

Hmm, I did not get this question often! But still, it was not a difficult one...But then, more about what?

Answer was "I want to know everything about you! So, tell me anything and everything u feel I should know!"

That was when I was at loss of words! What is that I feel someone should know about me?

I was not sure how to handle this attention, that was the first time I met someone who just met me and was genuinely interested in knowing me! Who was actually paying attention to everything I said, who was LISTENING!!

Often times, we meet people and the next moment we even forget their names, but very rarely do we meet someone who is interesting, and knows how to make the other person feel important.

Did you know that there are 6 ways to win people over and just paying attention to the other person, covers all 6!

How to Win Friends and Influence People

So, tell me have you met someone who actually listens? If so, can you handle attention?

What would you tell them? What is that about you, you feel others should know?


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