Picture taken along the ride

Ayung river rafting,Bali

Things to do in Bali

Ayung river rafting or White water rafting or river rafting in Bali, is one of the things to do in bali, that you cannot miss.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek .

I almost chickened out of the river rafting activity, because i fear water. My fear is very profound and its heightened by the fact that i cannot swim. But i am glad i did not bail out.(Well, i was convinced for a long time. 😛 )

Where to go:

The Ayung River is the longest river on the Indonesian island of Bali, and is famous for white water rafting.

Bali has 3 main locations for white water rafting: the Ayung River, the Telaga Waja River and the Melangit River.

You can go to Tanggayuda-Ubud. There are a lot of adventure/rafting organisers, on the whole way across. We chose Graha Adventure. Our AirBnB owner helped us book it in advance.

Depending on the agency/host you book with, it costs around 500.000Rp(36$) to 1.000.000(72$) Rp per person.

If you plan to go as a group, you can probably discuss on the cost.

What to wear:

Wear comfortable t-shirt and shorts or pants. You can keep your valuables, purse, mobile etc in a locker ,which you can rent in the agency. But, make sure you give your locker key to the guide on your raft, so that u do not drop it in water ! (We did it 😀 , we dropped the key into ayung!!). You will have to take your sandals off and tie it to the raft, or wear shoes and you can keep them on.

Okay ,Let's go River Rafting !

Ayung river rafting,Bali

Picture taken along the ride
Captured along the way !

The guides are friendly and can speak english. You will be fitted with a life vest and given a paddle. The agency will take you to the designated spot ,where you will start your rafting journey. And you will have to walk amidst the paddy fields, down a zillion stairs to the river bed. Way to pump you up with cardio! If you do not exercise regularly, your legs will turn into jelly when you reach the bottom !.

Your guide will instruct you on how to row, or when to row forward and backwards, and, when to sit in the corner or jump in and sit on the base of the raft, so if its your first time, pay attention!

The first time u slide down the rocks or your raft gets stuck on one , you will be scared as hell, and then you will just ease into it. You can see rock carvings on the side, depicting scenes of ramayana, and the amazing scenery along the sides is eye pleasing and the greenery fills you with joy.

There is a water fall in-between, where the guide stops the raft and you can jump off your raft and have a splash at the falls, or have a bintang on the half way stop.

The waterfall stop
The waterfall stop

The whole activity is around two hours long, and don't forget to tip your guide for bringing you back safely.

Finding a bite:

We had delicious local food included in the ticket.After climbing back a hundred stairs, we were exhausted, but the thought of food, back at the agency was what kept us climbing the stairs back to the top.

There are also small stores, along the sides of the road, where you can grab a bite to eat.

Local food
Local food

Oh, and if by chance you do fall into water, just float along on your back and someone will pull you back up. 😀

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