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Amsterdam Travel Guide: First time visitors

As soon as you hear Amsterdam, the canals, tulips and coffee-shops are what come to your mind! Amsterdam is so much more than that, and we will explore that in this series.This is: Amsterdam Travel Guide: First time visitors

All you need to know for your first visit!

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Amsterdam Travel Guide: First time visitors

Things u need to know:

  • Currency - Euro
  • Language - Dutch , though many people are comfortable conversing in English.
  • Visa: Check Latest Visa information here
  • Money: ATM's are widely available.Credit cards are accepted in most places but can be rejected in some restaurants etc, better to carry a travel card from your bank or a FOREX card loaded with money.
  • SIM: can be purchased in airports on arrival, mostly available free of cost.


Best time to Visit:

June to August is summer and peak tourist season, with warm weather and lots of daylight for cycling.
March to May is tulip time.


Websites to Book mark:

How to get around:

  • GVB passes or OV-chip cards form are the easiest option for public transport. Buy them at GVB ticket
    offices or visitor centers.
  • Walking: Amsterdam is compact and very easy to cover by foot.Plus u get to see all the beautiful sights!
  • Bicycle: This is the locals main and favorite mode of getting around. Rental companies are all over town; bikes cost
    about €12 per day.And a must do on your Amsterdam bucket list!
  • Tram Fast, frequent, operating between 6am and 12.30am.
  • Bus and metro are not much use in the city center as they Primarily serve the outer districts.
  • Ferry Free ferries depart for northern Amsterdam from docks behind Central Station at regular frequencies.
  • Taxi is Expensive and not a fast mode  given Amsterdam's maze of streets.


Will have a separate post on this, but this is what you must not miss:

  • Comfortable shoes for all the walking and cycling tours.
  • Umbrella: It can start raining anytime!
  • Adapter for your electrical appliances.
  • Coat and scarf to layer your clothing so its easier to add/remove based on how you feel.

Some more tips:

  • Carry some spare cash along with cards, as some smaller establishments might not accept your cards.
  • Try to dress in Layers, so its easier to add/remove clothing depending on temperature.
  • No matter what the prediction says, always carry a small umbrella.
  • Try Walking for places nearby as you find hidden shops and beautiful views.
  • If lost, ask a local for help and people are extremely friendly , will help you almost always!
  • Check for latest visa news and rules before visiting.
  • Try to book lodgings in advance as the city is almost always full of tourists! Hostels are the cheapest way of accommodation.
  • Most shops/stores close early , so plan your shopping ahead, and reserve your tables at restaurants beforehand.


Check out this space for more articles on Netherlands.

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