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Americanah-Book review

Book review: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Plot :

Americanah tells the story of a young Nigerian woman, Ifemelu, who immigrates to the United States to attend university. The novel traces Ifemelu’s life in both countries, threaded by her love story with high school classmate Obinze.


I heard the audio-book, the African accent is so beautifully spoken !

Never knew that African-American and American-African were two different terms , and cannot be interchanged!

I love the attention to details by the author, the small details of things that transport you to the setting.

Though, I cannot say I understand how it is to be an African in America , I definitely get all the things about racism. About being treated differently for skin color.

A place it hit a nerve was when the protagonist struggles to decide if she has to go back, looking for signs. And when she does go back, how she notices that things are different.She compares hometown to America, melancholic thoughts about America.

It is often the case with Expats, you miss home when you are elsewhere. And when you go back home, you always miss the life you had in the other country!

Do you agree ?


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