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2020-books 3

Books I read in 2020

2020 has given everyone quite sometime to read, and better reading goals as well 🙂 Here is what i read ...
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wierd things

Weird Things Customers Say-Book Review

Weird Things Customers Say-Book Review Book: Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops Author:en Campbell, Greg McLeod (Illustrator), Myles McLeod (Goodreads ...
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you are not alone

You Are Not Alone-Book Review

You Are Not Alone-Book Review Book: You Are Not Alone Author: Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen Rating: 4/5 Genre: Thriller Plot: ...
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The Flight Attendant-Book Review

The Flight Attendant-Book Review Book: The Flight Attendant Author:Chris Bohjalian Rating: 3/5 Genre: thriller Plot : Cassandra Bowden is no ...
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jar of hearts

Jar of Hearts-Book Review

Jar of Hearts-Book Review Book: Jar of Hearts Author:Jennifer Hillier Rating: 3/5 Genre: thriller Plot: This is the story of ...
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my lovely wife

My Lovely Wife-Book Review

My Lovely Wife-Book Review Book: My Lovely Wife Author: Samantha Downing Rating: 5/5 Genre: Thriller Plot: It's winter in the ...
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the rent collector

The Rent Collector-Book Review

The Rent Collector-Book Review Book: The Rent Collector Author: Camron Wright Rating: 5/5 Genre: Fiction Plot: Survival for Ki Lim ...
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family upstairs

The Family Upstairs-Book Review

The Family Upstairs-Book Review Book: The Family Upstairs Author: Lisa Jewell Rating: 3/5 Genre: Fiction Plot: Soon after her twenty-fifth ...
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Vanishing Girls-Book Review

Vanishing Girls-Book Review Book: Vanishing Girls Author: Lauren Oliver Rating: 3/5 Genre: Young Adult Plot: Dara and Nick used to ...
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the house keeper

The Housekeeper-Book Review

The Housekeeper-Book Review Book: The Housekeeper Author: Natalie Barelli Rating: 4/5 Genre: Thriller Plot: She's a liar. She's a stalker ...
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then she was gone

Then She Was Gone-Book Review

Then She Was Gone-Book Review Book: Then She Was Gone Author: Lisa Jewell Rating: 3/5 Genre: Thriller Plot: THEN She ...
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disappearing earth

Disappearing Earth-Book Review

Disappearing Earth-Book Review Book: Disappearing Earth Author: Julia Phillips Rating: 3/5 Genre: Mystery Plot: One August afternoon, on the shoreline ...
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the chain

The Chain-Book Review

The Chain-Book Review Book: The Chain Author: Adrian McKinty Rating: 4/5 Genre: Mystery Plot: It's something parents do every morning: ...
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girl with 7 names

The Girl with Seven Names-Book Review

The Girl with Seven Names-Book Review Book: The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector's Story Author: Hyeonseo Lee ...
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The Vegetarian

The Vegetarian-Book Review

The Vegetarian-Book Review Book: The Vegetarian Author: Han Kang, Deborah Smith (Translator) Rating: 1/5 Genre:Fiction Plot: Before the nightmare, Yeong-hye ...
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the expats

The Expats-Book Review

The Expats-Book Review Book: The Expats Author: Chris Pavone Rating: 3/5 Genre:Fiction Plot: Kate Moore is a working mother, struggling ...
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not without my daughter

Not Without My Daughter-Book Review

Not Without My Daughter-Book Review Book: Not Without My Daughter Author: Betty Mahmoody Rating: 5/5 Genre:Non Fiction Plot: In August 1984, Michigan ...
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Nearly normal family

A Nearly Normal Family-Book Review

A Nearly Normal Family-Book Review Book: A Nearly Normal Family Author: M.T. Edvardsson,Rachel Willson-Broyles (Translator) Rating: 4/5 Genre: Thriller Plot: ...
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Fear Nothing

Fear Nothing-Book Review

Fear Nothing-Book Review Book: Fear Nothing(Detective D.D. Warren #7) Author: Lisa Gardner Rating: 5/5 Genre: Thriller Plot: The last thing ...
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The SIlent Wife

The Silent Wife-Book Review

The Silent Wife-Book Review Book: The Silent Wife Author: A.S.A. Harrison Rating: 1/5 Genre: Thriller Plot: Jodi and Todd are ...
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silent patient

The Silent Patient-Book review

The Silent Patient-Book review Book: The Silent Patient Author: Alex Michaelides Rating: 5/5 Genre: Psychological thriller Plot: Alicia Berenson's life ...
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amsterdam guide-2

Amsterdam Travel Guide: First time visitors

As soon as you hear Amsterdam, the canals, tulips and coffee-shops are what come to your mind! Amsterdam is so ...
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nothing to envy-book review

Nothing to Envy-Book Review

Nothing to Envy-Book Review Book: Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea Author: Barbara Demick Genre: Non-fiction My rating: ...
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The Morning After-Book Review

The Morning After-Book Review Book: The Morning After Author: Lisa Jackson Genre : Thriller/Suspense My Rating: 3/5 Plot Summary: His ...
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a thousand splendid suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns-Book Review

A Thousand Splendid Suns-Book Review Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns Author: Khaled Hosseini Genre: Fiction My rating: 5/5 Plot Summary: ...
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all the light we cannot see

All the Light We Cannot See-Book review

All the Light we cannot see-Book review Book: All the light we cannot see Author: Anthony Doerr Genre: Historical Fiction ...
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10 tips to Start reading more books!

Hello! Do you always wonder how people read so much and where are they getting all the time to read ...
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books social distancing

Social distancing? 10 Books you can read

Hey there. I hope you are Social Distancing yourself. If you are then you might have a lot of time ...
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books i read in 2019

Books I read in 2019

My book goal in 2019 was to read 50 books, but I could only read 21 books this year. I ...
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Bandung Itinerary

Two-Day Itinerary Bandung

Two-Day Itinerary Bandung Bandung is the capital city of West Java, and the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta ...
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books about indonesia

Books about Indonesia

List of books about Indonesia Disclaimer:Most or all of the descriptions are taken from Goodreads or Wikipedia Map of the ...
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pari island

Pari island- Jakarta,Indonesia

Pari island- Jakarta,Indonesia Is a part of Thousand Island's or Palau Seribu, a short get-away from Jakarta The Thousand Islands ...
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magic of tidying up

The Magic of Tidying Up -Book Review

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up- Book Review Book : The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of ...
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Animal farm

Animal Farm – Book review

Animal Farm - Book Review Book : Animal Farm Author - George Orwell Genre Political satire My rating : 5/5 ...
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Sunset over a lake

Can you handle attention?

Do you like attention? I, do. Can you handle attention? Well, who doesn't like attention? Don’t we all feel happy ...
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mount bromo

Mount Bromo & Kawah Ijen: Experience

Mount Bromo & Kawah Ijen: A travel experience shared by Harshit Gupta Duration: 3 days Cost: 25,000 INR per person, ...
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extend VOA

Extending Indonesia Visa on Arrival

I know, its daunting at times to understand the visa process of few countries.And, I agree Indonesia is one of ...
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tuesdays with morrie

Tuesdays with Morrie-Book Review

Tuesdays with Morrie-Book Review, written by Mitch Albom Book : Tuesdays with Morrie Author - Mitch Albom Genre Biographical, Philosophical ...
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Picture taken along the ride

Ayung river rafting,Bali

Things to do in Bali Ayung river rafting or White water rafting or river rafting in Bali, is one of ...
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The Wife Between Us

The Wife Between Us- Book Review

The Wife Between Us - Book Review Book : The Wife Between Us Author - Greer Hendricks Sarah Pekkanen Genre ...
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Taman Safari-Bogor

Things to do in Bogor Taman Safari is a breath of fresh air from the congestion of Jakarta.Located in puncak, ...
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touch a python

Singapore Night Safari

Singapore night safari, one of the best things to do in Singapore If you have a night to spend in ...
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things fall apart

Things fall apart-Book Review

Things fall apart-Book Review Book : Things Fall Apart Author - Chinua Achebe Genre: Fiction My rating : 4/5 Plot ...
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the boy in striped pajams

Boy in the Striped Pajamas – Book review

Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Book review Book : The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Author - John Boyne ...
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Americanah-Book review

Book review: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Plot : Americanah tells the story of a young Nigerian woman, Ifemelu, who ...
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find her

Find Her – Book review

This is my first ever Lisa Gardner book, needless to say my first book in the D.D. Warren series. I ...
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where's you go bernadette

Where’d You Go Bernadette

Where'd You Go Bernadette Book : Where'd You Go, Bernadette Author - Maria Semple Genre General-Fiction My rating : 4/5 ...
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things to do in singapore

Things to do in Singapore- Nights

Things to do in Singapore- Singapore Nights Hey there ! Tell me this,What is that you personally like, a city ...
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