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10 tips to Start reading more books!


Do you always wonder how people read so much and where are they getting all the time to read from?

These are 10 tips to start reading more books! or help you get started on reading habit which is long due.

So, here's 10 tips I am sure will help you find your way to a book.

In Brief:

  • Get a kindle
  • Get a library card
  • Audio-books are your best friends.
  • Find Recommendations
  • Goodreads is the best
  • Find a reading partner
  • Time your reading
  • Embrace DNF list
  • Set a goal
  • Take a break

Get a Kindle

Make use of the electronics and technology around you. A kindle is a great investment as it will help you carry hundreds of books in your backpack, and is easier to carry than an actual book. Helps you read distraction free.

You need not invest in a costly model, any of the below can help you.

Get a library Card

The economic option is getting a library card. Digital or physical libraries, do not break your bank, and help you get started on you reading habits.

Audio-books are your best friends

Embrace Audio-books, you can listen to them literally anywhere. While you are cleaning, cooking, gardening, walking etc.

A great website for audio-books is Audible

You can also find some free audio-books on Youtube

Find Recommendations

There are literally zillions of books out there, and it is frustrating to have to go through them to find what you might like. So, find a source to get recommendations from, be it a friend, a book-club or any book websites.

Here is something for you to start with:

Social distancing? 10 Books you can read

Goodreads is the best

If you haven’t yet heard of goodreads, please go ahead and get yourself a free account.

You can track your reads, you can find new book recommendations, follow authors etc on goodreads.

This is the link:

You will feel motivated when you see how much you have read 🙂 This is what i have read in 2020 so far.

2020 so far

Find a Reading Partner

Reading with someone else is always advantageous, you can pick books together, discuss your thoughts on the book, and if you fallback in reading, the partner will get you back motivated.

Try to find a friend, book-club or online forums to find a reading partner.If not, I am always available for being a reading buddy.

Here is my Goodreads account:

Goodreads- Anusha Natesh

Time your Reading

It may sound strange, but i strongly suggest to set a timer.

If you are just starting out reading books, set a time for 20 minutes, and get comfortable reading.

Setting timer ensures you will not check your phone for time, or get distracted by any other apps. You can actually read a lot in 20 minutes.

Borrow this time from your social media browsing time or TV watching time, and as you start enjoying reading, you can increase time, you will be comfortable tolerating.

Embrace DNF list

DNF stands for "did not finish". Do not feel guilty for not finishing a book.

You will usually realize if you like a book or not within the first 30 pages or so. If you do not like the book or genre, drop it and move to the next one.

Set a goal

Set a goal on how many books you would like to read, this week, this month or this year.

This helps you stay focused.

In the beginning one book a month should get you started.

You can join reading challenges, that help you set goal as well.

This is my goal for this year:

Take a break

Sounds silly on a post about reading more books! But you need to take a break to avoid burnout.

Setting a timer helps ensure you will not feel frustrated.

Once you finish a book, give yourself time to mull over the book, take your time reading a book, you aren’t in any contest to skim through books.

Did you find these 10 tips to start reading more books helpful?

Do you have some more tips?

Let us know in comments below.

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